Ask a question or having to use the kitchen!

Although compliance with the manual but in the process of cooking with kitchen, there are many situations that users dismay. In the following content, we would like to give answers to the most common questions when using the stove.
1. On cooking, the kitchen itself off
Naughty cooker suddenly turned off while no action on any controller button!
This is quite a common case with new users from the kitchen. According to our experts, there are two causes for this problem. First, the face panel is made ​​kitchen cooking equipment (pots, pans, …), kitchen towels, liquid (water, oil, …) covered (covered or partially covered). Just leave them out or clean, dry kitchen liquid is again operating normally.
Cause 2 is overheating (such as roasted peanuts, fried long, heated bottom of each cooking utensils). When the stove overheating, just off the kitchen for a few minutes to reduce heat would then take a damp cloth to clean the kitchen or on the stove temperature is usually able to operate normally.
2. cooker does not work
Although the expression stovetop operation, the user does not control any wrong step, but the food is not cooked, check the heat to the cooking pot.
This is the case using pot size larger or smaller than specified by the manufacturer. When the bottom of the pot and cook cycle is not similar in size and this situation occurs.
In case when the user does not comply with the regulations on the use of pot-bottomed pot made ​​from the navigation equipment (pots of glass, porcelain, …). The process of testing the bottom of the pot is very simple, use 1 review magnet bottom of the pot, if the magnet bottom of the pot and smoking pot, it’s a type mismatch. Ideally you should use the pot comes to rest assured completely during use.
3. Do not turn on / off controls are touch
Causes of non-player control buttons, if not because of the user’s hand when the driver is too wet, it is the user accidentally trigger lock function that does not know, or do not choose the right stove .
How to deal with this case is very simple, just dry your hands, check the locking function of the kitchen and check did not choose the right stove.
4. A voice from the kitchen when you turn oo
Oo-known incident occurred when the kitchen is not much out during use, if you use the right kind of pot bottom specially designed, dedicated to the kitchen. Because the cause of this noise is the process of redirecting energy from the kitchen to the bottom of the pot bottom of the pot difficulty is too thin compared to the regulations or the bottom of the pot or leaking pot bottom material do not guarantee quality.
5. When cooked just heard the wind, after turning off the stove still hear the wind
This is completely normal, since the majority of kitchen fan operates automatically when using the stove. While cooking, and a short time after cooking, the kitchen is still in a state of the fan heater operation is correct principles and processes.
6. “beep” during cooking
The most common cause of this noise is cooking timer mode, the timer runs out, the kitchen will automatically play into this. Just click on the sensor time, the word “beep” will no longer exist.
Another case also cause abnormal noise is present panel cooker kitchen equipment, towels, liquid cover (like the first case). Just clean, ventilated back panel surface will be processed immediately. Note, the hygiene side panel to turn off the stove.